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Kissing you goodbye was probably the hardest thing

We were watching the World Cup with my friend Tuesday night. The whole time I sat there, I wished it would have lasted longer. I knew that as soon as it ended that you would have to leave because you had a final the next day. You stuck around for probably another hour after she left pretending to sleep. I put on We’re The Millers. You wake up and watch it with me. It’s time to go and we’re just counting down the time. You planted one right on me and I wish that it would last forever. We had a mini makeout sesh for probably 10 minutes until I tell you that you had to go study because you had a final the next day. You stood up and stared at me. Your exact words were “I think this is goodbye if I don’t see you tomorow before I leave.” You kissed me goodbye and then hugged me. The hug was a lot longer than usual. I know it’s only going to be a month and a half before we’re reunited, but hanging you every day and waking up to you almost every day in the month of June has made me dependent on you. It’s not goodbye, It’s just a see you later.